For both quality control purposes and fatigue testing, Pressure Design has manufactured several individual cyclic testing machines.

These machines vary from low velocity and high force hydraulic tests to production line cyclic test of every component using an electromechanical actuator for quality and traceability purposes.

Testing Capabilities:

  • Closed loop axis position control to 0.005mm.
  • Closed loop pressure control to 700bar.
  • Test data results recorded and report generated by the machine
  • Integration of test sensors.

Cyclic Test Rig Example

Pressure Design was tasked with designing a cyclic test rig which could achieve various types of tests under pneumatic pressure. The rig was required to apply pressure in sinusoidal, sawtooth, square and stepped profiles.

Each test had to be reliable and repeatable and had to ensure that the smallest of test failures could be detected.

A large user database also had to be integrated to ensure each test was traceable to the individual part.

On top of this a recipe database was set up allowing the customer to easily access previous programs speeding up setup times.

Automatic emailing to selected personnel and downloadable test data direct from the machine gave the customer multiple layers of protection ensuring no test data was lost.

An advanced HMI provided the customer with an operator friendly experience with live trends in high detail.

Pressure Test Rigs

A hydraulic component test rig that is able to pressurise each test component to 550bar as a burst test. The rig then checks the component for internal leaks by locking in pressure and searching for any sign of pressure decay. After this, each item is flushed with oil, a contamination reading is documented, and a test report is automatically generated. Upon completion of each test, individual components have the test oil purged out automatically with a compressed air supply. The rig completes all of the above for six different components simultaneously.

  • Closed loop pressure control.
  • Multiple tests at once.
  • Condition monitoring of test and system oil.

Destructive Test Rigs

This photograph show a carbon fibre test rig powered by an electromechanical linear actuator that can provide position control to 0.005mm using a PC control system. The rig archives data from the position as well as recording the load, stress and strain on the carbon. This happens every 100 microseconds to ensure peak values are recorded before any failure.

  • Record Stress and Strain
  • Load Control
  • Position Control

Photo shows destructive testing of carbon fibre components with a strain guage attached measuring 2000 times a second into a data file via the control system.

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