Remote access to machines allows us to remotely find faults and diagnose problems.

Using a secure VPN connection between the machine and the remote engineer. The connection happens through a highly secure industrial cloud service. Remote access is available for new machines and as a retrofit to existing systems.

Access can be via LAN or WIFI from the internet and 4G/5G for mobile machinery.

Benefits of industrial remote access

  • Minimize downtime through fast remote support
  • Save time and money by avoiding unnecessary service trips
  • Improve the engineers’ productivity and well-being
  • New generation of devices with built-in Hardware Security
  • Proven security posture with ISO 27001 certification
  • Machine LAN segregation to ensure that remote users can only access the target equipment
  • Local control of the remote connectivity by the end-user, with an external key switch
  • Increase safety with the digital output indicating an active remote connection
  • Straightforward setup, to make any machine IIoT-ready in a matter of minutes
  • Non-intrusive outbound connections, requiring no change on the existing network
  • Global and reliable infrastructure, with an extensive Service Level Agreement
  • Connect from any device, with the free desktop, web and mobile apps
  • Email & SMS relay services, to receive notifications from your machine
  • Traceability of all remote activity through detailed logs and reports

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