Pressure Design offer a full strip down, assess and report for every repair including photos if requested.

We have a wealth of knowledge in our service department from closed loop gold cup pumps all the way down to simple gear pumps. We have the capabilities to test most hydraulic pumps/motors on our in-house test rig and can supply full test certificates will P/Q curves if requested.

We have the capabilities to repair and test:


Vane, piston, gear etc. from various manufacturers. Being fixed or variable displacement with proportional feedback and controls.


Flow control, Relief, Reducer, Sequence, Unloader, Compensator, Flow and Pressure Directional Control Valves (DCV’s) direct acting or proportional with or without feedback, along with most other valves in the industry.

If you just need some any advice on how to reduce downtime in the future or upgrade your system to the latest technologies we are always happy to help.

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