Pressure Design has the facilities to manufacture and refurbish many types of presses.

800 Tonne Powder Compaction Press

This project required a full refurbishment of a 800 Tonne Dieffenbacher Press, this press was brought back to life with a brand new hydraulic powerpack, electronics, new PLC control system and guarding complete with interlocks to the latest safety standard.

All designed and manufactured in house reducing the lead time, ensuring the least amount of disruption to the customer.

Automatic control was introduced to the press to eliminate human error. This resulted in a consistent product every time.


The 800T press shown was sourced from Europe to suit a customer requirement for increased production capacity. The press was inspected on site, purchased on behalf of the customer, stripped and transported to our works in Goldthorpe for full refurbishment.

3D Model

A 3D model of the proposed modified press was created by the design department to demonstrate to the customer how the press would look after refurbishment. All mechanical components were refurbished, all hydraulic and electrical equipment was replaced.


The work proposed was completed before transporting the press to the customer site and installing in a pre-prepared pit.

The press specification includes variable speed and pressure control, light guards with monitoring of hydraulic equipment to satisfy BSEN693, PLC/PC based electrical controls with options for SCADA and remote monitoring plus controls for mould mounted ejector and core cylinders.

500T SPF Press

Refurbished 500 Tonne super plastic forming press that includes:

  • Design and manufacture of new hydraulic power unit.
  • Design and manufacture of hydraulic rams.
  • Design and manufacture of heat shields.
  • Addition of hydraulic safety chocks.
  • New heater control panel.
  • New press control panel.
  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics

380 Tonne Rubber Gasket Moulding Press

Fully refurbished 380 tonne B & T Press.  This press was converted from 30 year old scrap into a modern production machine. By implementing a new power unit, new PLC control system, PID temperature controllers, refurbished press frame, guarding with interlocks to the latest safety standards.

This press has been given a new lease of life and is ready to go the distance.

Improve productivity by converting your old machines into modern, reliable new ones.

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