Here at Pressure Design, we create bespoke Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) which are designed, manufactured, and tested in our factory by our precision engineering team.

Offering a wide range of sizes of hydraulic power packs, from small single pump units with AC or DC fractional kilowatt motors, through to large multi pump units with motor powers > 500kW each, flow rates from 0.01 litres per minute through to > 5000 litres per minute and operating pressures > 1000 bar; with in house manufacture of reservoirs in both carbon and stainless steel > 5000 litres in volume, we will be sure to offer what you need.

Using the latest version of SolidWorks to provide 2D and 3D layout and general arrangement drawings that will allow an understanding of what we plan to provide to you, we can provide a full range of hydraulic power units.

These are uniquely designed for industrial applications and agreed upon in line with your specific requirements.

Our innovative, custom-engineered solutions using hydraulic power units of every size and use have been used for a wide range of clients such as The Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony 2022, multiple universities for testing, National Fluid Power Centre (NFPC) training power pack with 6 different motor pump sets, as well as many others around the UK and the wider world.

With a wide range of engineering expertise in motion and control systems, we choose the most suitable and innovative components for our customers across the UK and worldwide. Typically, but not limited to, high-quality hydraulic component OEMs we use are: Parker Hannifin, Argo-Hytos, Eaton/Vickers, Bosch Rexroth and Sun Hydraulics.

Pressure Design will gladly partner with customers to improve their productivity and profitability and will work closely with you to discuss the plans and develop a system design solution that will suit your application.

On our site, we have our own CNC manufacturing facilities for system build and we apply our own, team led, test procedures ensuring the HPU is ready to be installed and used as it leaves our facilities. We have the facilities to fabricate, assemble and test hydraulic tanks and framework to industry standards. These can be done in a variety of carbon and stainless steels, as well as aluminium.

To ensure the product meets all requirements we pride ourselves on sending our employees to you for a successful installation. We install all systems at our customers locations, having ownership from the beginning of the design process to the first day of use. Along with our installation, we supply all types of pipework whether compression, hosed or welded in the material to suit your application. All welded pipework is carried out by our coded welding team. The latest techniques in cleaning and hydraulic fluid monitoring are employed.

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