Hydraulic Design

At Pressure Design, we use the latest SolidWorks CAD & CAM software to design and create 3D solutions, allowing customers to visualise the finished product. Using this software, our team provides top quality design solutions that demonstrate technical plans to share within your business.

Our expert team of colleagues will collaborate with the customer to understand specifications and produce a detailed design for your hydraulic system.

Hydraulic Power Units

Pressure Design takes your specification for a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) and calculates the pressure capability and flow requirements you need. Following this, engineers carefully design and create an HPU that is dependable, as well as energy efficient.

Our team are highly experienced in complex hydraulic systems and utilise hydraulic best practice to ensure a robust design. Initially, 2D CAD software is used to create a hydraulic circuit design, from which the latest 3D SolidWorks design software is used to model the ideal tank and manifold block solution.

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