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23 July 2018
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8 June 2018
We are pleased to have hired William Hamilton after his recent graduation from Southampton University. He will no doubt be a great addition to our pro
Sterling Hydraulic Ltd
Sterling Hydraulic Ltd
  • Screw-in cartridge valves including pressure and flow control, solenoid operated poppets and spool valves
  • Line bodies in steel and aluminium
  • Manifold blocks and manifold systems
Denison Hydraulics Ltd
Denison Hydraulics Ltd
  • Pumps and motors - 1cc/rev to 500 cc/rev, both open and closed loop
  • Valves - Pressure and flow control (up to 350 bar and 10,000 l/min)
  • Electronics - Open and closed loop cards, both analogue and digital
Hydac International
Hydac International
  • Filtration equipment - Pressure and return filters up to 420bar and 15,000 l/min
  • Cooler units - Air blast coolers, bell house coolers & other cooling systems
  • Systems monitoring - Particle counters, transducers & displays
  • Valves - Full range of ball valves, control valves, seated valves & cartridge valves
  • Pressure Switches are available Pipe or Manifold mounted
  • Operating pressures range from 5 to 600 bar
  • ATEX approved Pressure Switches are also available
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Manifold Blocks
Manifold Blocks

Manifold blocks up to 1000kg can be designed, manufactured and tested in house.

The manifold....

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