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23 July 2018
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8 June 2018
We are pleased to have hired William Hamilton after his recent graduation from Southampton University. He will no doubt be a great addition to our pro
Pressure Test Rigs
Pressure Test Rigs
Pressure Test Rigs
Pressure Test Rigs
Pressure Test Rigs

The photographs show a hydraulic component test rig. The test rig pressurizers each test component to 550bar as a bust test then the rig checks the component for internal leaks by locking in pressure and looking for pressure decay. After this each item is flushed with oil, a contamination reading is recorded and a test report automatically generated. Each component has the test oil purged out automatically with a compressed air supply at the end of the test. The rig completes all of the above to six different components simultaneously.

  • Closed loop pressure control
  • Multiple tests at once
  • Condition monitoring of test and system oil
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