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8 June 2018
We are pleased to have hired William Hamilton after his recent graduation from Southampton University. He will no doubt be a great addition to our pro
21 March 2018
With expertise and knowledge in the fluid power and machine building industry, Pressure design now offer PC based control systems to give their machi
Cyclic Test Rigs
Cyclic Test Rigs
Cyclic Test Rigs
Cyclic Test Rigs
Cyclic Test Rigs

Cyclic testing for quality contol or fatigue testing Pressure design has manufactured many different cyclic test machines. From low velocity and high force hydraulic testers to a production line cyclic test of every component for quality and tracablity using a electromechanical acuator.


  • Closed loop axis position control to 0.005mm. 
  • Closed loop Pressure control to 700bar.
  • Test data results recorded and report generated by the machine.
  • Intergration of test sensors.


  • Closed loop position control
  • Closed loop Force control
  • Report generated from test data
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